About us

I suppose you could say I am a sewing enthusiast and love creating wonderful things with fabric and thread.  I started sewing for my two daughters when they were young, beginning with smocked dresses which led to french machine sewing.  I soon realized the need of a good sewing machine (one that cost more than $50.00) and purchased  my first Bernina sewing machine to take away the fear of buttonholes  and give me the ability to sew fine fabrics and cotton lace without problems.  That was 30 years ago, and since that time, I have owned many Bernina machines and Bernina products. 

I spent some time traveling and teaching sewing techniques, at machine dealerships, guilds, Bernina University, which is a school for Bernina dealers and Martha Pullen schools. During this time,  I published two books on specialty sewing techniques.   I still enjoy teaching classes here in Knoxville, Tennessee at my friends shop and dealership, Ginas Bernina Sewing Center.

I began quilting after my daughters grew up and found a love for that as well.  I actually quilted for customers for approximately 12 years and only recently ended that venture.  I now, on occasion,  quilt for a select few by request. 

When embroidery software for digitizing your own designs became available and after purchasing Bernina Designer Plus software, I found I enjoyed the process of sketching artwork and digitizing it for embroidery.  It is so exciting for me to see my artwork stitch out on fabric.   I have to say I can joyfully  spend hours just stitching and redesigning each design to give the very best results.  I thoroughly enjoy the process.

I am hoping that you will enjoy the designs and ideas I share with you on my site and I also hope what you find will help you to create many beautiful things with fabric and thread.

Happy Stitching